Shaina Shaye and myself, Kerri Williams started a facebook group because we were sick of feeling like we were the only ones battling weight issues … well, alone in our nightmares anyway. So, we started this blog and group to help others feel a part of something big.

Join us in our journey.


Today is my first day on my journey to taking back my body. I will have control again!
Shaina has been going on her journey for a little while now, but it doesn’t matter how far along in your journey you are or if you have little or heaps to lose, the story is the same.
I know I’m not alone. I know I need help and luckily I have that in a few different forms-family and friends including virtual ones.
Some don’t have this so here we are, this is going to be our support group.
We want you to know YOU’RE not alone.
We will share our starting points, our woes, our heartache, our triumphs and we can be each others support buddies.
If your craving, get on here quick and we will beat you with a verbal stick . lol. Okay I mean to say ‘coax’ you to the light. 
So, you may invite anyone and I mean ANYONE who needs this group, but you are responsible if they start disrespecting others. This will not be tolerated!
We are here to support.
Now, follow, share away and invite and help TAKE BACK MY BODY!



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